Honestly... Clint is no one special. But he has nice snakes! 


     I was born and raised in Evansville, IN.  Although this isn't really a hot spot for herping, my love of herps certainly developed and flourished.  Since the age of 5, after catching my first eastern black kingsnake, I have always had at least one snake in my home. My mother was very understanding... :) Although I have been lucky enough to work with/produce countless species and morphs over the years, I am most proud of the continued quality of each and every animal we hatch that we either hold back or make available.  Regardless of species or "value", from a cornsnake to a world's first, I still feel like a kid on Christmas every time I see an egg pip. Snakes have always been our main focus, but we have ventured out into amphibians, tortoises, and some lizard species on occasion.  Herps are so addictive... In 2017 I became the vice president of the Tri-State Herpetological Society, a club dedicated to education of the general public on this hobby and the animals we so dearly love. Outside of the hobby I love to garden, hunt, fish, and just generally be out in the woods or a field. I'm also a big Colts fan!

The love of this hobby certainly belongs to me, but I am not alone in this journey! In 1999 I began dating Christina and we eventually married. She has put up with a lot of snakes, snake people, and snake talks (we know how long winded we all can get when talking snakes!) over the years as well as being dragged to countless reptile shows. Snakes aren't necessarily her thing but I appreciate the way she smiles, encourages me, and pretends to be interested when I get excited about a new arrival or pairing taking place! In 2012 Wendy joined our relationship. She is a nature girl at heart and while she is still a bit timid about holding snakes, she too has jumped in to supports me in this venture. On occasion, Wendy will hold a snake and has kept bearded dragons but is still trying to get accustomed to the "squirmy ones" as she calls them. A big kuddos to her though, she handles all of the rodent breeding and cleaning... thank you!

The three of us have welcomed twin sons in 2014 and a daughter in 2017. Every week I now get "help" when feeding the snakes. I'm looking forward to this help getting better and better and who am I kidding? Getting to watch my children enjoy, learn, and partake in this hobby, even if disrupting my feeding flow... is absolutely amazing!

Now a moment to brag... to date we have successfully produced the following species:


  • Black Rat Snake

  • Corn Snake

  • Transpecos Rat Snake

  • Grey Rat Snake

  • Texas Rat Snake

  • Korean Rat Snake

  • Chinese King Rat Snake

  • Cave Dwelling Rat Snake

  • Thai Bamboo Rat Snake

  • Banded Bamboo Rat Snake

  • Yunnan Bamboo Rat Snake

  • Green Bush Rat Snake

  • Bella Rat Snake

  • Mandarin Rat Snake

  • Eastern Black King Snake

  • Mexican Black King Snake

  • Florida (Brooks) King Snake

  • Blotched King Snake

  • California King Snake

  • Honduran Milk Snake

  • Pueblan Milk Snake

  • Sinaloan Milk Snake

  • Pale Milk Snake

  • Ball Python

  • Carpondro

  • Columbian Boa

  • Leopard Gecko